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Hi, I am Justine Shirin, a freelance editorial illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. My style is a combination of minimalistic airiness and provocative drama, putting the viewer in the position of a curious eyewitness. The compelling details I put in my drawings tempt the eyes to wander, getting your mind to tell a story of its own.

My background as an architect allows me to use axonometry, colours and textures in my favour, creating a feeling that goes beyond the surface of a beautiful drawing. You’ll see a lot of double meanings and cognitive juxtapositions. My illustrations are meant to raise curious questions. Is the watermelon salesman just napping, or..? You tell me.

I am inspired by classic American cinema, the polished eeriness of white-fenced suburbia, abandoned gas stations on Route 66 and the electrified silence of Western showdowns.

Some of my clients include Quartz and a well renowned Lithuanian publication  Nemunas .

I am represented by Spinning Yarn illustration agency. If you are interested in commissions, please contact me at justineshirin@gmail.com or info@spinningyarnreps.com. I would be excited to draw your ideas to life.